Our delicious ciders are ideal for summer parties, festivals, weddings, camping, glamping or simply to sip quietly at home.

To be enjoyed anywhere…

Hooty Owl

Hand crafted medium dry, full of traditional character. Deliciously refreshing and very popular.

6% alc./vol 

500ml bottles

Vintage Dry

Hand crafted and slowly matured to produce a rich and intensely appley, balanced cider with a light sparkle.

6% alc./vol

500ml bottles

Ridgeway Farmhouse Cider

Bag in boxes available in either Medium or Dry.

7% alc./vol

3L, 5L, 10L and 20L bag in boxes.

2023 Devon County Show Champion for Farmhouse Dry Cider and Reserve Champion for Overall Best Exhibit

Ginger Switchel

Thirst-quenching cordial made up of Ridgeway Cider vinegar, honey, and fresh ginger.

Ginger Switchel brings a whole host of health benefits including reducing cholesterol levels to aiding your immune system and promoting heart health.

Silver Taste of the West Award 2023

500ml bottles

Ridgeway Cider Vinegar

Unpasterised cider vinegar with the mother, made from Ridgeway Cider.

According to many sources, health benefits include:

  • Maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Improved glucose and insulin levels after eating carbohydrates
  • Anti-microbial properties

Gold Taste of the West Award 2023


Award-winning Farmhouse Cider from £9.00 in 3L, 5L or 10L boxes 

Bottled cider £3.00 per bottle with gift packs and large packs available

Ginger Switchel £5.50 per bottle

Ridgeway Cider Vinegar from £4.00 per bottle, with larger containers and refills available